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Smart Hostpital Management System Features

  • Centralize Patient Management
  • Birth & Death Module
  • Notifications Module
  • Print Receipt in every module
  • Charges, Payment & Bill in OPD
  • Recheckup in OPD for Clinics
  • Prescription in IPD
  • Purchase Medicine in Pharmacy
  • Medicine Selection in OPD and IPD prescription
  • Manual Prescription in OPD
  • OPD Doctor charges
  • option to hide superadmin visibility to other users
  • medicine dosage for prescription
  • Move to OPD & IPD from Appointment
  • Move to IPD from OPD
  • Item Unit in Inventory
  • Purchase Price in Inventory
  • DOB (date of birth) in patient
  • Discount x%x Tax in IPD x%x Pharmacy Billing
  • Medicine Import in Pharmacy
  • Patient Import
  • Expiry Medicine Report
  • Income Group Report
  • Expense Group Report
  • Inventory Stock Report
  • Inventory Item Report
  • Inventory Issue Report