About Magazine advertising in India

Magazine advertising in India has been used by advertisers to reach out to their consumers for a long time. Magazine advertising cost is one of the lowest to reach out to a niche segment. Advertising in a magazine gives an advertiser the capability to reach out to his consumers in a well-defined context. Print ad format of magazines advertising also gives an opportunity to engage with readers using interesting creative. The popular magazine categories for advertising in India are Interior design magazines, in-flight magazines, and current affairs magazines. There is also a long list of popular journals in India which are available for advertising. The Media Ant is one of the best magazine advertising agencies in India and provides the best-discounted rate for magazine advertising.

Advertising options in Magazines

Regular print ads are the most popular ad type for magazine advertising. However, advertisers while choosing to place ads in magazines can also pick from innovative magazine advertising options such as gate folds, thick tabs, and placing product samples in magazines. Advertising cost in magazines is higher for innovations as compared to the price of an ad which is a regular magazine print ad.

Magazine advertising rates in India

The rate for advertising in magazines depends on the number of readers of the magazines and how targeted the reach is. The advertising rate also depends on the page size. Advertising cost for a half-page ad in a magazine will be less than that the advertising cost of a full-page ad in the same magazine. The cost of innovative ads in magazines is more expensive than regular ads. You can find the card rate for advertising in magazines in India along with the best-discounted price of magazine advertising at The Media Ant. We have updated the best rates for advertising in more than 1000 magazines in India.