About Newspaper advertising in India

Newspapers advertising has the largest spend share among total marketing budget. The popular formats to advertise in Newspapers are Display ads and Classified ads. Advertising Rates for Newspaper ads depend on the readership and page number. Frontpage ads attract a premium over regular Newspaper advertising card rates. Classified ads are the small business ads in the Newspaper. Classified ads have lower advertising costs than display ads. Newspaper ads in India are largely sold through a Newspaper advertising agency. INS is an accredited body for Newspaper advertising agencies in India. The Media Ant is one of the best Newspaper advertising agencies in India with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. We provide the lowest Newspaper advertising rate t our clients. You can find the card of Newspaper advertising as well as discounted Newspaper advertising cost on The Media Ant for more than 1000 Newspapers in India including Dainik Bhaskar, Times of India, The Hindu, The Telegraph, Hindustan Times, Dinakaran, and Dainik Jagran.

Advertising options in Newspapers

All Newspaper ads can be classified into one of the 3 types- Display Ads, Classified Ads, and Innovative Newspaper Ads. Classified ads can be recognized by small ads that are put together. They are mostly advertised on the left-hand side of the newspaper. The various advertising sub-sections in Classified advertising are Matrimonial Ads, Property Ads, Recruitment Ads, Business Ads, announcements, Public Notices, Services ads, Obituaries, Astrology ads, Education ads. Classified Ads in Newspapers can either be plain text called Classified Text or images based called Display Classified Ads. Classified ads are printed on the classified pages of Times Of India, but can also contain images. The Newspaper advertising tariff for these advertisements is calculated on a per square cm basis. The minimum ad size for Times Display classified ad is 3x5 cm.

The second category of ads called display advertisement in Newspapers in the most common ad that we see. They are also referred to as regular advertising in Newspapers or Print advertising in Newspapers. These Newspaper ads can be of various sizes and rates of Newspaper advertising depends on the ad size. So a half-page ad will be more expensive than a quarter-page ad. Standard Newspaper advertising options are Full Page ads, Half Page ads, Quarter Page ads, and then smaller size ads.

The third category of Innovative Newspaper advertising includes advertising options outside of display ads or classifieds. These advertising options costs are more than regular advertising rates. Examples of innovative advertising options in Newspapers are Pointer ads, Ear Panels, samplings, and Newspaper Jackets.