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Different Ways to Develop Android Apps

Android applications are developed in many different ways including

Native Android Apps using Kotlin or Java

Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile Apps

Web-kit based (HTML5, Apache Cordova formally known as PhoneGap)

Native apps using hybrid tools (Javascript, React Native, Xamarin, Google Flutter, etc)

NoCode Mobile App Development (for non-technical people)

Native app development involves creating apps specific to each platform. Native app developers use platform-specific tools like Kotlin and Java to enable app functionality.

Cross-platform mobile apps are usually created using a common programming language such as Javascript. Cross-platform development frameworks allow developers to access device native controls and native OS functionality using a common programming language. This allows the developers to write one code that can run on multiple mobile devices.

Cross-platform mobile app development has become popular and it is a really good option for most of the business applications, as well for the initial Minimum Viable Product or Proof of Concept. For these reasons, creating a cross-platform mobile app is a must-have for early-stage ventures and start-ups.

React Native and Google Flutter have been rising as one of the most popular platforms in recent times, as they provide native experience by writing code in Javascript.