What is a premium website? 

A premium website is a pre-developed product that has a professional level of development. A premium website costs more and takes more time. The design is based on marketing research and you will have the luxury of professional design and marketing consultants throughout the process. ... However, they are not optimized to their full potential in terms of being a marketing tool.

Industry specific website development is delivered with experience. Like real estate website has all project details of running projects and upcoming projects along with their completed projects pages. A medical website requires details of the doctor expertise and facilities available at a clinic or hospital. Travel website requires available packages with agent and inquiry section for online viewers.

What’s the difference?

The difference between Standard Web Design and Premium Design lies in the service process.

A standard web design package is focused on building the actual website. The designer focuses on building what you ask for.

During a premium website build, the focus is on building a website as a marketing tool optimized for your brand. A professional marketer will asses your brand and your corporate identity. Thereafter, they will provide feedback to both you and an experienced premium website designer.

Your marketer and designer will collaborate to develop a strategy to practically apply the marketing research to your website in order to produce a design that is optimized as a marketing tool for your brand and audience. Prototypes will be produced, and once finalized, a premium website will be built.

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